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What Would Christina Do: Let’s talk about forecasting.

What Would Christina Do? I’m creating a new program and have been tasked with presenting an estimate for program success. How do I forecast anticipated results from campaigns and programs?

How To Land Your Dream Job And Enhance Your Marketing Career

Does it seem like your marketing career is in the hands of other people? Budget cuts, a global pandemic, downsizing…there are so many outside factors that can impact your career path. How are you supposed to create a career you love?

Episode 8: Prepared to Pivot with Tammy Estes

In this episode of All Things Growth, Christina Del Villar and Sree Chadalavada discuss with Tammy Estes about the importance of shifting your product and business based on your consumers’ feedback.

What Would Christina Do: How do you build a successful marketing plan?

Question: I’m trying to build a marketing plan for my new company. I’ve read your post about the need to be intentional, so can you share best practices for creating an intentional marketing plan?

Everyone Has an Opinion: Building Influence Across the Organization

The Revenue Rehab podcast, ”Everyone Has An Opinion: Building Influence Across the Organization” with Brandi Starr and Christina Del Vilalr

Episode 7: Evolving for Execution Excellence with Anand Akela

When did you last sit down to look at your GTM strategy? Maybe it is time to make some slight changes. Today we are talking to Anand Akela about the evolution of his go-to-market strategy, playbook, and how it will continue to evolve in the future.

Marketing With Intent

Did you know 50% of marketing leads go untouched by sales? That sounds like a crazy high number. Like, what are they doing with our amazing leads?! When you ask…

Episode 6 How Clear is Your GTM Strategy?

In this episode of All Things Growth, Christina Del Villar and Sree Chadalavada discuss go-to-market strategy: what it is, who owns it, and how it should be executed.

Stacy Ennis Podcast:  Five Authors On How They Did It

Episode 5 Calibrating Your Business Playbook with Vamshi Sriperumbudur

Is your company keeping up with all the technological changes taking place over the years? Vamshi Sriperumbudur talks about his experience as a CMO and how each department can work together to keep up with their customer’s expectations.

Why (and How) to Build More Influence at Your Company

Episode 4: Aligning Your Go-To-Market Strategy with April Rassa

Do you know where to find and market to your ideal customers? April Rassa talks about her experience as a CMO and finding her customers where they are in today’s ever-changing world.

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